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AddressCadastral numberAreaPrice/m2PriceStatus
Kuru tee 235301:001:03542,671 m2€50/m2€133,550Available
Metsakuru tee 135301:001:03334,639 m2€23/m2€106,697Available
Metsakuru tee 335301:001:03343,641 m2Sold
Metsakuru tee 535301:001:03353,666 m2Sold
Metsakuru tee 735301:001:03363,642 m2€23/m2€83,766Available
Metsakuru tee 9a35301:001:03373,600 m2€17/m2€61,200Sold
Metsakuru tee 9b35301:001:03373,600 m2€17/m2€61,200Sold
Metsakuru teev 1135301:001:03383,600 m2€17/m2€61,200Available
Metsakuru tee 1335301:001:03393,600 m2€17/m2€61,200Sold
Metsakuru tee 1535301:001:03403,600 m2€17/m2€61,200Sold
Metsakuru tee 1735301:001:03413,704 m2€17/m22€62,968Sold
Metsakuru tee 1935301:001:03423,860 m2Sold
Metsakuru tee 2135301:001:03433,642 m2Sold

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